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Why eMediHub - Medical Travel

  • Patient Patient Patient

Our top priority is the well-being of our patients. We understand the heavy stress and respect their choices. We assist them to understand their options, planning, and get the best medical services subject to their preferences and budgets. We often work with specialists outside of our network when requested.

  • Personalized Customer Support Service

We take pride in our customer support service. In addition to a Call Centre with experienced personnel dealing with calls and email inquiries, the following services further dsitinguish eMediHub from others:

a. On-site Support

For surgery and other patients who need more assistance, our support staff are on-site at arrival and hospital check-in and discharge days, assisting patients with complicated hospital processes, reviewing medical bills, and payment options (e.g. wire transfer).

While this requires more work, an experienced hand also gives moral support during stressful times in a foreign city. Majority of our patients have written to us to express their gratitude towards our presence and assistance.

b. Pre-Arrival Initial Feedback From Specialist Doctors


We understand that it is a major decision sending patients to Singapore. To help patients making informed decisions, our network specialist doctors would provide initial feedback to patient inquiries.

Note: Initial feedback is not a consultation since at this stage, our specialist doctors have not seen the patient or have adequate medical records or necessary tests available. Our specialist doctors can only give their opinions and possible treatment options after they see the patients and adequate tests are completed.


c. State-of-the-Art Web-Based Electronic Health Records System

As a Silicon Valley, USA-based healthcare IT and Maketing company, MediFirst has invested millions of US dollars and have successfully developed PatientFirst, a web-based Electronic Health Records System with comprehensive security capabilities. We safe-keep patients' medical records in PatientFirst and make them available to any doctor authorized to review them by our patients.

  • No Added Fees

Other than storage of Electronic Medical Records, Air Ambulance services, applications of travel visas, translation of documents. eMediHub does not charge patients a fee for our services. We are a marketing organization for network specialists and hospitals. Whether patients go directly to medical services providers or come through eMediHub, there is virtually no difference in the medical fees that they pay.

  • A Comprehensive Private - Practiced Specialist Network

With approximately 150 specialists in our network, we have the largest private-practiced experienced specialist doctors network. Our top leadership position enables patients to get the most suitable and experienced specialist doctors available in Singapore. Additionally, we also work with other specialist doctors based on patients' needs.

Our existing network covers a great majority of the specialty areas e.g. oncology (cancer), orthopaedic (surgery), cardiology (heart), neurology (brain), and assisted reproduction as well as many major hospitals and medical laboratories.

  • A Leader In Medical Travel

With hundreds of patients a year, we are a major player and are experienced in dealing with patients' needs, from identifying appropriate specialist doctors to reviewing options to air-ambulance and concierge services.

  • A True One - Stop Service Provider In Medical Travel

eMediHub offers quality one-stop services for international patients which are valuable in stressful time. Our key services include: air-ambulance service, referral of suitable and experienced specialists, scheduling appointments, on-site patient support at hospitals, bills management, electronic medical records, and concierge services.

The key objective is to ensure that patients and families can focus on the treatment and recovery process and not be distracted by other tasks.

  • Neutral Position

Since eMediHub does not operate hospitals or medical groups, we are a neutral medical referral entity and can work with virtually any specialist and hospital. Again, Patients' well-being is our TOP priority.