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MaiMai Clemente
2009-11-10 06:16:29
Dr. Wang Jenn Chyuan Dr. Wang is a good doctor and I salute his expertise in Cataract Surgery, His surgical skills and clinical analysis of each patient case is superb. With that on hand, I ask him, to operate on my mother's eyes, and now my mother has a good visual acuity at both distances without spectacles, even with monofocal implantation.
I will definitely recommend Dr. Wang to my friends.
United States
2009-09-02 15:24:41
Dr. Colin Tham Hsien Jen To Whom It May Concern,

I was referred to Dr. Tham via a good friend in Singapore for hair transplant. My wife and I are very happy with the result and I am now more confident in my work and in social gatheringsl. I'd like to thank Dr. Colin Tham & team for their oustanding services to me. Dr. Tham is certainly an experienced plastic surgeon in hair transplant, patience with patients, thorough in his analysis, and provides detailed information on my treatment options, the procedure and managed my expectations well.

I have been recommending Dr. Tham to my friends which may need his services.


Skipp, USA.
Chan Yee Huat
2009-08-01 15:30:52
Dr. Bernard Lee I was a Fibromyalgia and WAD patient of Dr Bernard Lee for two years. My wife was also treated by him for acute headache pain. I would never forget the encounterment at the first time I met him at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (singapore) with acute pain at my neck and right upper limb. I had at that point of time losing all hopes on recovery feeling despire after repeatedly told off by all Doctor that my pain was imaginary and turn down by them to investigate my pain further. He checked my pain with skillful pressure at my trigger pain and told me with great compassionate that he believed me and he would do his best to treat me. My conditions had been stabilised by him althought the journey to recovery with fibromyalgia was uncertain and frustrating. He had always ignited me with renewed hope as he had always researching on the best medical knowhow and technique in overcoming all forms of chronic pain. He is the best Doctor and angel who worked with redundant and inexhaustible energy to bring life and hope to all mankinds.
2008-12-30 18:17:53
Dr. Alvin Hong I accompanied my dad to Singapore for an AVM treatment. During his stay at the hospital, Dr. Alvin Hong was in charge of his treatment. I was very impressed by his professional approach since day one. The way he communicates with us was very clear and whenever we needed additional information, he was reachable by email or by phone. Dr. Hong performed a Gamma Knife surgery on my dad and it was successful. I fully recommend Dr. Hong.
Ashley Chin Wan Ting
2008-09-30 11:06:18
Dr. Erik Ang Sze Wee My mum made the right choice of sending me to Dr Erik Ang for the constructive surgery on my neck and arm lacerations. He did a GREAT job and also a GREAT doctor.
Wee Cheng
2008-06-04 00:47:10
Dr. Heah Sieu Min Very thoughtful & professional doctor
Cindy Gunawan
2008-05-30 17:57:02
Dr. Alex Fok I travelled all the way from Jakarta to consult Dr Fok. He was recommended by one of my friends who said it would be worth my time and expense. She was right - Dr Fok is the best
2008-04-01 10:55:41
Dr. Brenda Low Wen Yong She is very skillful and humble lady who deliver my baby with care. She is the best Gyane i come across.
gobardja wilson
2008-01-21 21:27:58
Dr. Ho King Hee Dr. Ho is very patient and understanding. He goes all the way out to treat patients who come from all walks of life. He does not charge patients according to their citizenship unlike many doctors whom i came across. He is caring and he is a very good listener.
Ms Chong
2008-01-11 22:00:33
Dr. HO SIEW HONG Thank you for a successful prostate surgery for my dad. Our father was pleasantly surprised that the operation was completely painless and he recovered so quickly. Your patience, concerns and excellent surgical skill made us very comfortable throughout his stay in Gleneagles Hospital.
Miss Yang
2007-06-29 19:32:13
Dr. Lee Wei Hong He is the best Doctor I ever met, low profile and skillful
Cybil Wang Mei Zhi
2007-05-28 14:21:03
Dr. Gerard Chee Hsien a very thoughtful doctor.
Chyi Hong Tan
2006-10-05 09:55:28
Dr. Yap Soo Keong I recently had a corneal chemical burn on my right eye and Dr. Yap was the specialist who treated me. He is highly skilled and assuring. I fully recovered in 1 wk & would recommd Dr. Yap to all. GCT
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