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Henry Ng
2009-06-18 14:46:53
eMediHub I would like to commend eMediHub for the highly efficient and comprehensive service rendered to me and my daughter. I came to know George due to a partnership between eMediHub and my company.
I called him on a Sat morning, asking for help as my daughter, a ballet dancer, injured her ankle. Even though it was a Sat morning, George referred my daughter to a chiropractor and physiotherapist within a short time. This was even though my initial intention was to see an orthopaedic surgeon. He explained that it was not necessary for my daughter to see a orthopaedic surgeon due to the nature of her injury and the high cost involved. What also impressed me was that George was able to help me make an appointment with the physiotherapist despite her fully packed schedule. Subsequently, my daughter recovered fully after attending just 2 sessions with the physiotherapist.
In addition, their breadth and professionalism coupled with a patient-centric approach has enabled me to minimize the cost of treatment while maximizing the effects of treatment. As such, I am really appreciative for the amount of time and effort George and his team has spent helping us. For this, I will definitely recommend eMediHub to my colleagues and friends should the need arises.
Ezza Benjie
2009-06-18 14:39:58
eMediHub I am indeed impressed with how eMediHub system works in coordinating and arranging my medical appointment. Within 2 days, Dr. Razmi arranged for my MRI and the diagnosis and scheduled for an operation.
As I was an ex-patient of Dr Razmi previously, with my medical documents from before, he was able to do an immediate diagnosis and recommend the appropriate actions that I need to take with ease.
I am very thankful for the convenient and efficient services that eMediHub has provided to link me with Dr. Razmi. I am indeed highly impressed with the level of good, fast and efficient services that was provided to me. A special mention must also be given to the staff of the clinic (Patricia and Claire) who have been very helpful during this time.
2009-02-06 15:53:34
eMediHub My mother was suspected by a doctor that she has a colon tumor, after short discussion with my family we decided to look for a second opinion, and therefore we went to consult a specialist doctor in Singapore. I found eMediHub on the Web and contacted Scott and George. I have soon found that they are professional, knowledgeable and outstanding contact in healthcare business, generous in offering their assistance, and always encouraging. Scott helped us in the selection of and arrangements with specialist doctors and George was on-site with us all day at consultation, diagnostic test, and day surgery operating theatre (OT). To reduce the stress on my mother and family, George arranged for priority appointments through his relationship with the diagnostic laboratory and day surgery OT. One thing that touches me the most is that when George learned how much we really concerned on the amount we might spend to solve my mother's disease, of course without my mother knowing about this, the next thing he did was he had an initiative to get discounts for us.
Helping without Charge at all
As it turned out, my mother did not need to have the surgery. The doctor found out that the lumps in my mother's intestine that was suspected as a colon cancer by a doctor in Indonesia, fortunately it was an ulcer that is not serious as we thought. My family was overwhelmed by the good news and greatly appreciated to Scott and George's 5-star level assistance. They were with us the entire way and always put my mother't well being as the priority. One more thing really important that you must know, eMediHub doesn't charge you anything for their assistance, it's all for free! My family and I were grateful for Scott and George's assistance and will kindly without any single doubt to recommend eMediHub to all out friends and colleagues.
2009-01-14 02:34:53
eMediHub I'm a pediatric ambulatory specialist and I have been diagnosed with a prolapsed disc at C5/6 which causes numbness and pain on my left arm and I have been referred by a specialist neurosurgeon in the Philippines to seek for spine neurosurgical treatment in Singapore. I contacted eMediHub through the net and I was in close contact with Jeremy throughout the overall processes. He was very helpful indeed from the initial stages of getting the appointment done with the specialist doctor during the Christmas period until the completion of my disc replacement surgery. I'm very grateful and appreciative for eMediHub on-site services for the patient and at one stage I was having a hard time with the insurance company in getting my letter of guarantee but Jeremy went extra miles and offered his generous assistance to liaise with them and obtained the document for us. My surgery could have been delayed and being in the depressed situation, he calmed me down and whenever I needed assistance, he's always available and approachable in giving his best for the patient. I'm thankful and confident to refer eMediHub to my colleagues and friends back in the Philippines whenever they require medical assistance in Singapore.
2009-01-07 10:33:19
eMediHub My mother had a problem with her blood test and was seeking a endocrinology specialist doctor. I asked George, an old friend since primary school, for his suggestions. George took the time to learn the details of my mother's medical problems. He went through eMediHub's list of specialists as well as those outside of its network to search for a suitable specialist for my mother. George also asked me to review several specialists' profiles before I chose Dr. Alex Fok. Upon receiving an initial feedback based on my inquiry to Dr. Fok, we had an appointment with Dr. Fok immediately.
With one consultation, we were clear about my mother's condition and the extent of possible outcomes. I am grateful for eMediHub's assistance and feel that they provide the best possible services to patients with their experience in healthcare services and are sincere towards patients and families. I would not hesitate to recommend eMediHub to anyone of my friends and colleagues.
2008-12-25 20:50:54
eMediHub My husband is suspected to have lymphoma in 2008. I found eMediHub when I was searching for specialist doctors who could help us. In addition to having a comprehensive network of specialists and their profiles, I was impressed by George, eMediHub's support personnel's professionalism, knowledge, and patience in helping me to sort through critical factors in this search and decision process.
Although we finally chose to treat my husband in Indonesia for now, George continued to provide valuable information when I was under stress and needed assistance from an experienced hand. George was there with me whenever I needed advice. I would not hesitate to recommend eMediHub's medical assistance services to my friends and colleagues.
2008-12-23 05:00:49
eMediHub My mother had cancer and was seeking medical treatments in Singapore and China in 2008. A family advisor referred us to George at eMediHub, a top ranked specialist doctors portal by Google.
I first met George when my family had decided to send my mother to China via air-ambulance service. He and his team responded professionally, quickly, and explained the process and schedule with us: from preparing relevant travel documents, discussing available medical facilities and medical personnel during the flight and ambulance rides. I am particularly pleased with the following services:
-eMediHub translated medical records to Chinese which took 6 man-day around the clock.
-eMedihub team stayed in close contacts with my family throughout the process
until my mother was checked into the Chinese Hospital. To ensure a smooth departure, George and his colleague ware at the Seletar Airport in Singapore at 4:00a.m. on the day of departure, working closely with all parties addressing last minute items.
-When my family was preparing to return to Indonesia, eMediHub's team again worked professionally and efficiently taking care of all necessary arrangements to give my family a smooth trip.
eMediHub's top priority is on patient well being. Their professionalism, experience in hospitals and air-ambulance services, and knowledge of the top practicing specialists have made them a top player in medical tourism. I am confident to refer eMediHub to any of my friends should they need medical assistance.
2008-12-21 22:59:40
eMediHub My mother had breast cancer and was seeking medical treatments in Singapore in 2008. A family advisor referred us to George at eMediHub, on which several other Indonesian families have expressed gratitude with their assistance in healthcare services in Singapore. George gave us top priority and arrange immediate appointments with several experienced oncologists at Gleaneagle, Mount Elizabeth, and public hospitals. Several of them had a three-week waiting period.
When we finally chose to go to a public hospital, George did not mind at all even though eMediHub does not get any benefit. He continued to advise my family throughout the stay and assisted my family to strategize for the next steps.
George always puts patients' well being as the first priority, is known by many experienced specialists and hospitals, is knowledgeable in healthcare industry in Asia and US, and has a team of well trained professionals supporting eMediHub's patients. I would not hesitate to recommend George and eMediHub to anyone seeking medical assistance in Singapore or US, including medical evacuation-air ambulance service in Asia Pacific.
Tony Brian
2008-12-19 04:48:27
eMediHub My father had an arterio-venous malformation surgery in Singapore. We contacted eMediHub and were very pleased with the arrangements and coordination the team had made behind the scenes with their well connected neurosurgeon specialists, hospitals and ambulance for our father. From the very beginning, George and Jeremy were wonderful and words are not enough to describe how thankful and grateful we are for all their services and efforts in making my father's trip successful.

We were touched as both of them were at the airport when we arrived to extend their morale support and helped us through the hospitalization procedures, administration and billings management that we are unfamiliar with. Whenever we encountered difficulties, they were physically there to understand the situation and helped us to find solutions and executed them timely. Being in the depressed situation on our father's condition, both of them gave us words of encouragement and we are really happy for their presence

They helped us to pull this through and without their assistance, the trip would have been somewhat different and for the experience that we had, we would not hesitate to recommend eMediHub to anyone seeking medical services and assistance in Singapore
Ting Chin
2010-11-09 12:24:02
Dr. Chong Kian Chun Dear Dr Chong Kian Chun
I’ve decided to write you a small note. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness. I was so grateful that my experience was so positive. I did not have to wait long, and the treatment I received was very sensitive and kind.
Overall my health condition has improved and I did just like to extend my appreciation for this positive outcome. I’m much happier now after the operation has been done. I feel so much better now.
Once again, thank you so much for your time and expertise.
With much appreciation
Prof & Mrs Bilveer Singh and Family
2010-11-09 12:22:57
Dr. Chong Kian Chun To Dr Chong Kian Chun, Iris, Shirley & Rosiel,
Thank you for all your care, concern & attention towards my mother, Mdm Sarjeet Kaur.
In appreciation
Mdm Law Oik and family
2010-11-09 12:21:02
Dr. Fong Shee Yan Dear Dr Fong Shee Yan,
Thank you for performing the surgery, my recently improved condition is a credit to your expertise and attentiveness.
We would like to extend our appreciation for this positive outcome.
With Thanks
Alexander Naumovets
2010-11-09 12:19:31
Dr. Fong Shee Yan Hello Dr.Shee Yan!
Writes to you from Vladivostok Naumovec Aleksandr. to not what pain. only desire to live and live. many thanks! I feel very well.
Sharon Yeo & Amanda Yeo
2010-11-09 12:15:26
Dr. Fong Shee Yan Dear Dr Fong,
Our utmost appreciation to you for healing and caring for my mother. Your patience, care and friendliness makes the patient and family members feel at ease.
With Appreciation
Huynh Cam Tu Victoria Tran
2010-11-09 12:11:50
Dr. Benedict Peng Chan Wearn Dear Dr. Benedict Peng Chan Wearn,
You will never know how much we appreciated your kind and practical help. After seeing you at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Office, I felt assured free from negative thought before. You have brought hope and strength in order that I can overcome my illness. Although I didn’t choose my plan be in Singapore for treatment but your kindness with words of encouragement made me very impressed and deeply grateful. You are a good doctor whom I had never met before. Fortunately for patients who received treatment from you. Finally, I hope you have health, success and full of happiness in your life. We are never forget the time meet you at your office.
Thank you so much, I will see you again if I come back to Singapore
Sok Sa Reoun SON
2010-11-09 12:07:09
Dr. Benedict Peng Chan Wearn Dear Dr Benedict Peng Chan Wearn,
Now I’m back to my country and we are thank you so much in take care to treatment my mother. My mother also thank you so much for good evaluation in treatment. Now on start from back Singapore my mother get medicine and get start better.
Thank you.
2010-08-03 10:08:10
Dr. Fong Shee Yan Dear Dr Fong,
It was indeed my pleasure as well as a blessing to have met you through my wife Elizabeth. I just wanted to say a big “Thank You” for giving me so much of your precious time at the clinic, going through great lengths to explain to me my back condition so that I can more fully understand what’s going on and hence, learn how to cope and manage it better, knowledge is wisdom indeed. I’m also glad that both the CT scans and PET Scan didn’t show anything more serious or sinister requiring immediate surgery. Nonetheless, having to go through the process of being scanned was quite intimidating I must say, apart from being exposed to small doses of radiation, having to lie motionless, the anxiety of not knowing which way the results would swing, there’s also the seemingly never ending wait of being inside the scan machines, it gets a bit scary and lonely at times.
I have not taken any arcoxia or voltaren since my first visit to your clinic whereby you advised me to take it sparingly. Guess if I can handle the transient “sciatia pain” triggered by the sacra ilia, it cant be that bad after all. Sometimes I would need to stop walking for 1 min to rest before continuing should the shooting pain be a bit too much. By and large, I’m able to walk past that 5 mins test. I hope to “recover” and be able to live life like before, just being able to walk normally and I will pray hard for that.
May I wish you all the best meanwhile Dr Fong and once again, I’m grateful for all your help and advice. God bless… J
Best regards,
Tay Chee Hock
2010-06-07 12:14:34
Dr. Derrick Oh Chia Chiang Dear Dr Derrick,

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you and all the staff who have taken such good care of me during my stay at Mt. Alvernia.

Thanks for going the extra mile in helping me. I really appreciate all of you care & concern.

Tay Chee Hock
Mdm Toh
2010-06-07 12:12:27
Dr. Fong Shee Yan Dear Dr Fong,

Thank you for you care and concern shown to my mum, Mdm Toh, during her recent operation. She has recovered so well under your supervision and professional care. You are truly an outstanding doctor who has made a great difference to the quality of life for my mom.

Once again, we would like to say a big “Thank you” and we wish you great success and good health always.

It has been our blessing to know you.

From: All members of Mdm Toh.
Alexander Beloc.
2010-06-07 12:11:29
Dr. Fong Shee Yan Dear Dr Fong!

Thank you very much for you kindness, care and attention! You are very welcome to Vladivostok anytime, you are my precious guest!

Thanks faithfully,
Alexander Beloc.
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