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Useful Information

To aid patients understand the procedures and information required, we have come up with a process flow as shown below.

Step1 - Identifying A Suitable Specialist Doctor

eMediHub has classified its network of specialists according to most commonly seen medical problems. For example, a specialist treating torn knee ligaments can be found under the 'Bone and Muscle' category. Simply browse the directory to find which specialist best suits your needs and proceed to Step 2.

Step 2A - Making an Appointment

Once you have identified your specialist, contact eMediHub personnel to make an appointment or if you are still unsure, proceed to step 2B. For the purpose of your appointment, please give us the preferred dates and times so we can make the necessary arrangements. Once the appointment has been made, we will send you a confirmation email with the details of the appointment.

First consultations usually cost between SGD80 - SGD180 each. However, this cost does not include x-rays, MRIs or any other tests that maybe required.

Step 2B - Obtaining Pre-Evaluation

For patients who have reservations whether you found the right doctor, drop the him/her an email with any questions you have regarding your condition and we'll see to it that he/she gets back as soon as possible.

Step 3 - Arranging for Travel Visas

For patients requiring visas to enter Singapore, eMediHub provides this service at a small fee, starting from SGD150 depending on is the patient's country of origin. For a list of countries requiring VISA to enter Singapore, please refer to http://www.ica.gov.sg/page.aspx?pageid=96&secid=94

Step 4 - Arranging for Accommodation

Should you require accommodation during your medical checkup in Singapore, eMedihub's partnership with Meritus Mandarin gives you privileges (e.g. free room upgrades) you would not otherwise have enjoyed. Simply click on this link http://www.emedihub.com/mandarin.php to find out more.

Recommended Ward & Consultation Charges

  • General Inpatient Fees

Single Bedded Room


1 Bedded Room


2 Bedded Room


3 Bedded Room


4 Bedded Room




6 Bedded Room


For specific room rates, please visit ES, GH, ME and TMC websites

  • Standard Consultation Fees (General practitioner / family physician)



Out-of -Office

Short Consultation (up to 10 mins)$20-$30Non-Emergency Consultation$120-$200
Long Consultation (11-20 mins)$30-$55Emergency Consultation$200-$300
Extended Consultation (over 20 mins, per 10-min block)$20-$25Hospital Inpatient Consultation$50-$100
  Death Certification$150-$300

  • Specialists



Out-of -Office

Short Consultation (up to 10 mins)$60-$100Non-Emergency Consultation$200-$250
Long Consultation (11-20 mins)$90-$150Emergency Consultation$250-$400
Extended Consultation (over 20 mins, per 10-min block)


Hospital Inpatient Consultation (per day)


  • After Usual Clinic Hours

General Practitioner /Family Physician

Usual Clinic Hours8am - 6 pmSMA Standard Fee
After Usual Clinic Hours 6pm - 12am$30-$60
12 Midnight Onwards12am - 8am$60-$90
Weekend and Public Holidays Add 10-20% to above rates

This information is available at Singapore Medical Association website