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Medical Organization:
air ambulance service

eMediHub Competitive Advantages - Why eMediHub

  • Competitive Prices

eMediHub has partnered with several experiences aircraft operators in Asia and US and our medical jets are located throughout Asia Pacific and in US. As a result, we are able to provide patients with competitive prices based on their unique situations, locations and needs.

  • Well Trained Medical Professionals
    • All medical doctors and nurses are Singapore-US trained. Most medical jets are maintained in Singapore-US.

    • When possible, we would find a suitable and experienced specialist or a medical team who will assess the patient's situation BEFORE the patient leaves for Singapore and be ready BEFORE the patient arrives. ( We want you to know what you can expect before coming to Singapore).

    • This specialist or medical team will also be in-charge of the patient throughout his/her entire stay in the hospital. (This removes any doubt/worry - the patient or family may have on the care that he/she is going to receive).

    • eMediHub eliminates the hassle of having to seek a hospital with available wards only after the patient's arrival. (We save you precious time by settling this for you before you arrive in Singapore).

  • Our Promise to Patients

As a leader in medical travel, we are committed to patients well being during this critical time. We only work with highly-trained medical doctors and nurses, quality medical plane operators and hotels.

  • Excellent Pre-Flight Support

Our Operations Personnel will take care of the entire process, from verifying the patient's conditions, arranging for flight and medical escorts, clearing custom and immigration and entry visa to admissions at destination hospital.

We also find suitable lodging accommodation for the patient's family members.

  • Unparallel Round-the Clock On-Site Support

Our support personnel keep the patient's family informed constantly,until the patient has been admitted into the destination hospital.

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